WEEK ONE: Vengeful Swifties and Mormon Murders

Between T-Swift and Murder Among the Mormons, it was a cool first week at the new gig.

I started off writing about lawsuits and countersuits, the difference between copyright and trademark, and why anyone would think it’s a good idea to try to sue Taylor Swift over evermore. If you ever get the chance, talking to an IP lawyer is fascinating. Also, the countersuit filing has some meaty details in there. Taylor Swift’s lawyer were alerted to possible copyright infringement at Evermore Park by a former park volunteer… the DAY AFTER the Park filed the suit against Swift. If I had to guess, I’d say there was a diehard Swiftie working there that went reported the (alleged) copyright infringement right before booing John Mayer on TikTok.

Then I watched Murder Among the Mormons more times than any human should and interviewed the Mormon historian in the documentary about Mark Hofmann copycats. I also talked to an old friend and old school news anchor (who is also in the documentary) about why we’ll never see news coverage like the Mark Hofmann bombings ever again

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