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Bisexual Visibility Comic Anthology Pre-Launch Page is Up!

I wrote a story (with art by Phillip Sevy and colors by Sarah Stern) that will appear in this book with some amazing queer comic creators. The Kickstarter will launch August 30th, but you can follow the pre-launch page now to receive notifications once the campaign kicks off.

This content is not sponsored (but I wouldn’t say no to some cash)

The most recent episode of Last Week Tonight featured a pretty damning segment about sponsored content in local news programs. John Oliver called out a couple of Utah TV news stations in particular, but ABC4 got the brunt of it. For many years, I was a news producer and journalist at that station. And I’veContinue reading “This content is not sponsored (but I wouldn’t say no to some cash)”


It’s been a rough news week for… everyone, really, but I had some hope in humanity restored. I interviewed a young front-line health care worker who tested positive for COVID after she was fully vaccinated. While a lot of people have been quick to use breakthrough cases as an excuse to not get the vaccine,Continue reading “Breakthroughs”

Woman’s struggle to change her gender marker reveals flawed system

We all have legal identification: our driver’s licenses, birth certificates, passports. They show our name, date of birth, and a single-letter marker indicating our gender. But what if the name or gender didn’t match who you are? What if the person on your ID card simply isn’t you? For some people living in Utah, that’sContinue reading “Woman’s struggle to change her gender marker reveals flawed system”

Student video game creators plan to shake up the gaming industry

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) –  Student video game creators at the University of Utah have their eye on the future as they showed off their games Wednesday. At the Entertainment, Arts & Engineering (EAE) launch party, members of the public got their first chance to play some of the video games created by University of UtahContinue reading “Student video game creators plan to shake up the gaming industry”

League of Legends team at the University of Utah scrimage practice

Dedicated gamers shrug off misconceptions about laziness, addiction

Typically, when video games make the news, journalists are addressing fears and concerns over gaming. Parents and experts often ask, how much screen time is too much screen time? They often worry about gaming addiction. In 2018, the World Health Organization classified gaming disorder as a mental health condition. But the perception of gaming and,Continue reading “Dedicated gamers shrug off misconceptions about laziness, addiction”


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