I’m in another comic anthology!

Update: I have a comic short coming out in another comic book anthology! It’s called Color of Always and a bunch of amazing creators are working on this book all about queer love and I am overjoyed to be included.
Update to the update: It’s already been funded on Kickstarter!
Update to the update to the update: “The artists on our teams are still working away on their pages, and everything is still progressing along the projected timeline.” (From the latest Kickstarter update like yesterday)

Cover of Color of Always (cover art by Elisa Romboli)

My story (with artist Alina Wahab, @obscureoccultist) is semi-autobiographical and centers around a queer kid coming to terms with their identity while their church (and family) is actively supporting Proposition 22–an anti-LGBTQ voter referendum in California in 1999. It’s a story I’ve wanted to write for a while. Plenty of people have talked about the Mormon church’s efforts to disenfranchise queer people at every turn, but I feel like I had something to add. I was 10-years-old. I had my first crush on another girl. I was just a kid with an innocent crush, but every Sunday, men who I trusted got up to the pulpit to tell me I was their enemy and the enemy of my family and the enemy of the church. I believed them. Even after I stopped believing the church, I had internalized those early lessons and I’ll be working my entire life to overcome that and love all aspects of myself.

Anyway. Even if that story isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of others in the book. And, if you’re in Utah, at least one bookseller should be carrying it locally– Under the Umbrella! You can get updates on art and the project over at the Color of Always twitter, @colorofalways!

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